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2020-03-27 Payment Portal

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with ConnectBooster to provide our clients with a new Payment Portal where you can view all of your invoices both open and paid as well as configure payment options for Credit Card CC and Electronic Funds Transfer EFT....

Wireless Issues

Having a problem with your wireless device not connecting to your network? Here are some things you might consider as part of the trouble shooting process. Restart device. Anytime you have an issue with a device the first troubleshooting step should always be to...

Internet Connection Issues

If you are experiencing slow, intermittent or even completely unavailable internet service, there are some basic steps you can try that may solve the problem without having to contact technical support. If you have a personally owned router or switch attached to the...

Unable to Print

Having a problem printing documents here are some things you might consider as part of the trouble shooting process.

Computer Problems

A lot can go wrong with computers, and it would be impossible to even cover a fraction of the potential issues here, however there are a few basic steps that you can try if you find your computer misbehaving.   If you are having trouble with...

Spam Messages

Unfortunately, spam is a hazard of using email. While our filtering services do stop a very high percentage of spam messages, there still may be the odd one that gets through.  Luckily, dealing with spam is fairly simple.   Never reply to a spam message even...

2020-03-06 New Mail Server

On Wednesday March 11, 2020 we will be transitioning over to our new mail server.  In order to access the new mail server, you are required to update all devices that use our mail services by changing the mail server name and how it connects. To help you with this, we...

Cyberlink Email Settings

Looking for information on how to configure your devices to access your email address or Cyberlink hosted domain email address to send/receive email via our mail servers?

2021-07-21 Maintenance notification

As part of our commitment to providing high-performance hosting services, we’ve scheduled upcoming maintenance for our network and server equipment. Please read the maintenance schedule details carefully

Virus Infection

If you suspect your computer may be compromised with a virus, we'd strongly recommend disconnecting your system from the internet (either unplug the network cable if it's hard-wired or turn off the wireless on the device). After it has been disconnected, run a...