A lot can go wrong with computers, and it would be impossible to even cover a fraction of the potential issues here, however there are a few basic steps that you can try if you find your computer misbehaving. 

 If you are having trouble with a specific program or application — I.e other things seem to work fine on the computer — then the standard basic procedure is as follows:  

  • Close the program completely (hitting the ‘x’ at the top right of the program window or selecting the ‘exit’ or ‘close’ option from the program’s menu). Re-open the program and check if the issue persists. 
  • Restart the computer and once the computer has restarted, open the program again and check if the issue persists. 
  • Check if the program has updates available for it (may need to contact the manufacturer of the program) and install them. Once installed, check if the issue persists. 
  • Uninstall and re-install the program and any applicable updates and check again if the issue persists. 

If your computer is running sluggish in general (regardless of what you are doing on it) there are also a few basic steps you can try which are as follows: 

  •  Restart the computer. 
  • Uninstall any unused/unnecessary programs. 
  • Run a virus/malware scan to check for infections. 
  • Clear the ‘temp’ files (Disk Clean in Windows 10

Further troubleshooting may be necessary to determine the cause of the issues, we would recommend having a professional look at your system if the above steps do not resolve your issues. Contact Us, we would be happy to help!