Consulting & Contracting

From small piece-work items, IT security auditing, and project feasibility studies to larger ongoing maintenance contracts, Cyberlink provides companies with highly effective solutions to a variety of IT consulting and contracting needs. We offer our clients comprehensive auditing and inventory services, break/fix solutions, ‘hands and feet’ solutions and more.

As with all our services, we strive to deliver practical and logical results and recommendations to you and your company with a focus on security, reliability and efficiency, while working on solutions that are within your company budget.

IT Security Auditing

Concerned about who has access to what data from within (and outside) your company? So are we, and we can help you determine exactly who has access to what and develop a plan to remediate any problems.

Whether you are just looking to improve the security of your company data or ensure your company and users are compliant with a specific set of policies, we have a solution for that.

Break/Fix Services

You have a problem somewhere in your network, server or other IT systems and you need it fixed yesterday… Cyberlink offers break/fix contracted services to any client in the Cranbrook, East and West Kootenay regions. Our experienced technical team will work with your existing IT staff if you have them or directly with you and/or your users to determine where the problem is, what the solution is, what caused it, and to provide practical recommendations for preventing the problem from reoccurring.

Project Feasibility Studies

IT projects and implementations can provide a significant benefit to your company and users and a lot of projects seem fantastic on paper… However, in many situations a company doesn’t have the supporting infrastructure or systems in place to properly implement a specific project; the end result being an incomplete system with work needing to be redone or additional projects needing to be implemented and a lot of money and time wasted.

Cyberlink provides extensive project feasibility and viability studies to clients that outlines the dependencies and potential risks and remediation areas to be addressed prior to beginning an implementation plan so that you will have an accurate idea of the actual costs and work involved, and whether your company can practically implement a project/system and utilize it at your current IT development stage.

Maintenance Services

IT systems maintenance is often an after-hours affair with tedious and time-consuming tasks involved. Leaving it un-done promotes unnecessary and significant risks; but finding time or paying existing IT staff overtime to do the maintenance is usually not a viable option or a cost-effective solution. We have dedicated staff committed to maintenance services and can provide your company with attractively priced options for contracting this aspect (and others) out to us.

We use best-practice methods and procedures for all our maintenance work, and will develop a solution specific to your business with clear and concise protocols in the event of problems or issues, along with detailed reporting and accounting processes.

Piece-Work Contracts

Do you need a firewall installed? A virtual host server staged and deployed? VPN access setup for your business? Someone to go to a remote site and replace hardware if it fails or on a set lifecycle schedule? We can help with that.

Take advantage of our technical expertise and exceptional service for any piece-work type contracting. Be it a one time engagement or a re-occurring/ongoing contract, we can provide the solutions your business needs.