If you are experiencing slow, intermittent or even completely unavailable internet service, there are some basic steps you can try that may solve the problem without having to contact technical support.

If you have a personally owned router or switch attached to the Cyberlink modem, you may need to try connecting a computer directly to the modem to rule out any potential issue with the attached device. If the internet service works fine when you connect your computer directly to the modem, you may need to contact the manufacturer of the router or switch for troubleshooting.

The basic troubleshooting for internet issues is to go through what’s known as a ‘power-cycle’ for the networking device(s). Power-cycling a device is a simple procedure that any end-user can execute without any technical knowledge, the steps are as follows:

Power-cycle Instructions

Follow these steps on the modem FIRST, then repeat these steps for any networking devices such as a router or switch that are connected to the modem!

  1. Turn off the device. Unplug the power cable — not the network cable — from the modem/router/device.
  2. Wait 2 minutes. This step applies only to power-cycling your modem and can be skipped for routers & switches. It’s important to wait the FULL 2 minutes to give the circuit time to close and reset itself on when you power the device back on.
  3. Turn on the device. Reconnect the power cable to the modem/router/device.
  4. Wait 2-5 minutes. Modems, routers and switches can take a significant amount of time to boot up and connect. The lights should return to a ‘normal’ state on the device.
  5. Retest. Check if the internet service is working as normal.

If performing a power-cycle on your device(s) does not resolve your problem contact our helpdesk and we’ll open a trouble ticket to investigate a potential circuit problem.

Speed Test

If you think your service is not performing to it’s full potential you can use can perform a speed test by visiting Ookla®, Speedtest®

Just visit the site and click on the big GO button in the middle of the screen. When the test has completed you can review your results. The test is performed between the Ookla®, Speedtest® servers and the device from which you’re performing the test. This means that your local network will impact these results. For example, if you’re testing from a device connected via WiFi with a poor connection the results will reflect that. If you’re testing from a device on a network that is being heavily used this too will impact the results.