Data Security

Cyberlink offers cutting-edge backup and data security solutions to our clients. We utilize several layers of various technologies and solutions to provide a comprehensive system to secure and backup data, ensuring business continuity in the event of a catastrophe or breech.


Cyberlink provides robust edge security solutions to protect our client’s local networks and give them advanced intrusion prevention capability and detection visibility.

Our systems are easy to use, reliable and highly effective. They also support traffic shaping, secure VPN gateways, S2S VPN connections, and much more; adding a great deal of value to our solution and negating the need for additional systems to manage and provide necessary services for a modern business edge network.


Encryption of valuable company data on devices that could be easily lost or stolen is a highly effective and generally inexpensive security measure to prevent sensitive data from being compromised, but one that is often not employed by companies due to the difficulty of maintaining, implementing and managing an encryption package on all their devices.

Cyberlink configures and implements effective, easy to use and simple to maintain encryption packages for our client’s mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, phones and portable hard drives; providing a practical solution to this issue and removing the complexity from device encryption for the end users.


We offer on-premise, remote, cloud, on-network, off-network and any combination thereof for backup solutions to our clients. Reliability, security, functionality and ease-of-use are the critical aspects we address when we design a data backup system for a client. Typically, we recommend and implement a system with multiple ‘fallback’ tiers to address data continuity in both location specific disaster scenarios such as a fire or flood as well as virtual disaster scenarios such as a virus outbreak or ‘hack’.

We look at all factors involved, such as the amount of data your company could ‘comfortably’ lose in the event of a catastrophe, the cost of losing said data vs. the cost of maintaining backups, the solutions to minimize risk of loss, the procedures to restore and recover the data or systems, and finally the testing and proving of the implemented system in a simulated disaster scenario.


Any reasonable backup and continuity plan will involve protection from power outages and electrical surges. Cyberlink of course provides our clients with proven solutions on this front; from simple UPS systems to allow a server to gracefully shutdown to avoid data loss if power is out, to more complex and comprehensive battery backup systems providing network and server connection availability to users for hours if power is unavailable. Whatever the situation and need, we will work with you to get the right solution for the job.


Your company computer systems, including servers and mobile devices should be protected with enterprise level antivirus software to minimize the risk of a breech or infection. Your network security is only as stong as the weakest link after all, and any unprotected system that accesses your network is that link.

Cyberlink Systems Corp. provides a complete protection suite that is lightweight, easy to use and manage, requires minimal user interaction and is highly effective. Our solutions also detect and remediate malware and spyware, so you don’t need to worry about having a separate system to cover those risks.

In addition to a standard antivirus package we also offer an enhanced software suite that includes application control, URL filtering and a host of other features for additional security management and policy enforcement, as well as an anti-encryption suite to provide an additional level of protection against ransomeware type viruses even if they are not detected by the antivirus package.


Access to data should be properly controlled and filtered to reduce risk of theft, loss or tampering, and to protect sensitive information from users that shouldn’t see and/or be able to change it.

Cyberlink works with NTFS permissions, group policy and security groups in Active Directory and several other systems to provide an effective solution for controlling access to files and folders. We design practical and logical access structures with a focus on simplicity to ensure ease of maintenance while providing the necessary security to your company data.


Business Email Compromise (BEC) has cost businesses $12B since 2013 plus untold additional losses from lost productivity and damage to reputation. Email impersonation attacks have tricked individuals into sending wire transfers and sensitive customer and employee information to attackers who are impersonating their CEO, boss, or trusted colleague.

Protecting against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system. Powerful and customizable policies enable further enforcement of detailed requirements that govern inbound email messages.