Having a problem with your wireless device not connecting to your network? Here are some things you might consider as part of the trouble shooting process.

  1. Restart device. Anytime you have an issue with a device the first troubleshooting step should always be to simply reboot it.
  2. Check if physical switch is ‘flipped’.  Some laptops and tablets have a physical switch which can turn on and off the wireless card.
  3. Check if device is in ‘airplane’ mode or virtual switch is ‘flipped’. Check your device settings to ensure the WiFi is turned on and that the device is not in airplane mode.
  4. Are other people or devices able to connect to the network? If your problem isn’t isolated to a single device and rebooting the device and printer hasn’t resolved the issue, you might need to reboot your networks router.
  5. ‘Forget’ network settings and then reconnect. Sometimes saved settings can get corrupted and the only way to resolve the problem is to remove the saved settings and add them again.