Who is Cyberlink Systems Corp.

Since 1995, Cyberlink has continued to grow and expand, proving itself to be a leader among Internet Service Providers. Fully owned and operated in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada, we are proud to have the distinction of being the first Internet Service Provider in the East Kootenay. Reliable service and excellent customer support is the bread and butter of Cyberlink. We pride ourselves on our level of service.

As most of our clients are new computer purchasers, chances are they are also new Internet users. At Cyberlink, we make the Internet as simple to use as possible. If you are software-phobic, our friendly support staff will guide you step by step on how to set you up to connect to us. If you run into any problems, try calling our technical support staff and surprise, you talk to a local representative. For corporate clients who have more complex network problems, we have skilled technicians that can offer on-site support so that your business operation is not disrupted.

In the Internet there are no guarantees for 100% network reliability. Hardware fails and servers go down. The only way to judge a company is by their track record. Cyberlink is proud of our track record. Our entire network is monitored 24 hours a day for any sign of a problem. At Cyberlink we believe that practicing preventative maintenance is far superior to a costly crash. In the competitive world of Internet Service Providers reputation is everything. As such, we don’t take any chance when it comes to reliability.