Project Management

We provide no-frills solutions to all aspects of IT project management; including design, pre-staging, coordination, implementation and post-support.

At Cyberlink we focus on practical methods and proven management strategies when it comes to projects. We don’t waste time with endless meetings and conference calls, multiple tiers of project ‘managers’ and ‘specialists’, and pointless discussions.

Whatever aspect of an IT project we work with you on, you will be working directly with one or two skilled technicians (vs. the 5+ different ‘project managers’ the ‘big’ companies seem to have in addition to their techs…), often in person, who are involved in the entire project from start to finish. We will work closely both with your company employees as well as with any vendors involved to ensure everything goes smoothly and there is minimal impact to the end-users and the business.



You have an end-result in mind, but aren’t sure how to get to your goal… Cyberlink specialists will layout a comprehensive plan on how to achieve your desired objective.

We integrate understandable and feasible multi-phased stages, distinctive and measurable milestones and objectives, dependency tables, risk factors and much more to provide the business owners and key personnel an accurate and thorough design and overview of everything involved, all in a way that is understandable by you and other key personnel without needing advanced technical knowledge.


So you have the project design, but there are some dependent ‘pre-project’ projects that need to be implemented prior to beginning the main project…

The Cyberlink team will work with you, your personnel, and any involved vendors to get the pre-staging complete so you can move on to the main project. We emphasize on-time delivery, clear and measurable objectives, and timely, quality work; with the end goal being no unwelcome surprises when the primary project is started and no delays in starting the project due to pre-stage work still outstanding.


Multiple vendors and personnel involved with different aspects of a project, each with various dependencies and time tables that intersect with one another can be tricky to coordinate, especially if there are technical details involved that requires advanced IT knowledge to understand.

Cyberlink will coordinate and work with the different individuals and companies to ensure the work goes smoothly and your project isn’t stalled due to scheduling issues and dependencies. We will keep you informed every step of the way on the progress of the objectives and milestones, so you will have accurate information about where your project is at.


Implementation of a project can be a complex and highly technical procedure, with a lot of potential pitfalls and problems that could cost your company.
The Cyberlink team will work with you, your personnel and any involved vendors to ensure a successful implementation. We use proven, effective methods and strategies combined with clear and direct communication, while focusing on meeting your deadlines while delivering the objectives and making sure everything actually ‘works’ as intended.

We WON’T hide behind a veil of technical jargon or sugar-coat details for you or point fingers, we WILL provide accurate assessments of the situation, give you recommended solutions to any problems that arise, and work for you and with you to deliver outstanding end results.


After a project has been completed, the end users are often left with a difficult transition and learning curve phase, combined with unforeseen technical issues that arise.

Cyberlink will work with end users, providing training and technical assistance for a period after the project has been completed. We liaison with any vendors or providers involved with the project as necessary so your users don’t have to. Our focus is on ensuring your users and business experience minimal impact while taking full advantage of the new systems or services that were implemented.