Cyberlink High Speed Business COAX

Designed for small-to-medium sized businesses Cyberlink High Speed Business COAX has the speed to provide reliable high-speed access to download information and transfer files in a multi-user environment while remaining a cost-effective way to do business online.

Terms of Service


  1. Plan available to new and existing CYBERLINK customers. One time Port Activation Fee ($150). Valid Credit Card on file required. Regular price is subject to change. COAX Modem required for connection. Shipping and handling charges may apply. Additional charges may apply if internal COAX installation required.
  2. Offer available on new COAX sign-ups only, on a 1 year COAX service agreement to users who have not subscribed to Cyberlink Internet service in the past 90 days. A cancellation fee of $99.95 applies to early cancellation of the EUSA (End User Service Agreement).